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Never Walk Alone

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You Know the Detail


We had a ladies day with church where a good friend of mine, George Earey, spoke about our identity in Christ and not focusing on what the world thinks of us, but how God sees us. She read from Psalm 139 and I was blown away by the sheer magnificence of creation and how God knows every single detail.


Capo 5 (G)


Verse 1

         G                       C                 G     C

In the shadow of Your wings I find rest

               G                   C                            G           C

When I’m weary I draw near because You love me best

          Bm                                  Am                          G           C   G   C

You designed my body – all the detail; Your work is complex

      G                 C              G    C

You loved me before I was born

      G             C                  G             C

You knit me together in my mother’s womb

         Bm                                                  Am                          G          C   G   C

Every moment of my life – You know the detail; Your work is complex



                       Am                          Bm                                 Am                           C

Search me oh God, and know my heart, lead me on the path of everlasting life



                 G                                 D

I cannot escape Your spirit within me

                     Bm                                   Am

I could never hide, Your presence I can feel

                             G                                         D

In heaven You are there, the depths are full of You

                          Bm                                          C

High among the clouds and across the ocean too

                      Am                        D                          C

Your hand will guide me, Your strength will support me

                                    Am            D            C                        G C G C

The darkness cannot hide me, oh, how wonderful You are!


Verse 2

Lord, You have examined my heart

You know when I sit down and when I stand up

You know my every thought – You know the detail; Your work is complex

You know exactly where I will go

Every word that I will speak, You already know

You walk before me and You follow after; Your work is complex





Middle 8

G                C               G              C

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Lord

G                C               G              C

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Lord

Bm                               Am                  G  C  G  C

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Lord




Psalm 18


As you can probably tell, I'm a big fan of turning the Psalms into songs! This started after a worship school session with Graham Kendrick where he encouraged us to use the Psalms for inspiration and directly as lyrics. I remembered singing the words of the chorus to this song in church as a child, clapping and enjoying the congregation's harmonies (or mostly my Mum's!) so I decided to try giving it my own twist. The style on the recording is influenced by a version of 'Be Thou my Vision' we played with the worship team at church last year and just a little bit of KT Tunstall :-)


Key: C


Verse 1


You are my strength and my salvation


You are my rock; my protection

       F                Dm

I will praise you, praise you


With my whole heart


You have brought light to my darkness


Your promises are all true

               F            Dm

And I will love you, love you


With my whole heart




     G                  F                          C

For who, who is God except my Lord?

G                    F                        G

Who, who is God except my Lord?





The Lord Lives

       F                     Am

And blessed be my rock

             F                      Em              Dm     G

May the God of my salvation be exalted



Verse 2

I love you Lord, you are my saviour

You are my shield and you are faithful

I will praise you, praise you

With my whole heart

You drew me out of deep water

You led me to a place of safety

I will love you, love you

With my whole heart


Repeat Pre-chorus


Repeat Chorus x2




Lift You Higher


At our church we are often encouraged to think of what kind of small group we might like to run. Last year I decided to try out a songwriting group, to gather a few other musicians in our home and get some ideas together. Unfortunately, because of issues with my youngest son (he has autism and struggles with changes to the routine or strange people in our home) we only had a few sessions. However, we started out by discussing what we would like to sing about and decided to focus on what the Bible says about who God is and His attributes. This was the first song that came from our notes and we tweaked it together. Thanks to Mark Braithwaite, Josh O'Riordan and Jess Debenham for their input.


Capo 3 in G


Verse 1


You are Lord of eternity


You are father of mercy

Am                                       D

You are with us, Emmanuel


You are the Lion of Judah


You are the lamb that was slain

Am                                         D

You are the one and only Lord

C                    G                    Am                     G

Light of the world, You illuminate the darkest places

C                          G                                D

Father, Spirit, Son, we worship you now



             Em           G            C     D    Am

For all power belongs to You my Lord,

             Em           G            C

For all power belongs to You



                    Em         C         G        D

We lift you higher, Jesus, Sa - viour

                    Em         C           G     D

For you are worthy, mighty God

                   Em          C         G         D

We lift you higher, Jesus, Sa - viour

                    Em         C            G     D

For you are worthy, mighty God


Verse 2

You left your throne in glory

You came to live in humility

You walked upon the earth as a man

You are King of all kings

You bore our suffering

You are reigning in majesty now

Light of the world, You illuminate the darkest places

Father, Spirit, Son, we worship you now




Repeat pre-chorus as bridge (as many times as you like)




The Little Things


This songs was borne from one of those moments where I was absolutely awestruck by the beauty of creation juxtaposed with God actually wanting to walk with me and talk with me. I mean, who am I that He should care about the big things in my life, let alone the little things!


Capo 5 in C


Verse 1


You made the earth with love


And you made the skies above

       Am                                                    Dm

And you made the sun and moon and stars


You made the grass and trees


And you bring me to my knees

      Am                                                       Dm

For you've shown me love beyond all loves

         F                      Dm

Your power created all of these

F                                   Dm           G

And yet you choose to talk to me



Am                         Em

You are amazing, you are wonderful

F                        G

You are worthy of my praise and

Am                      Em          

How I love you, how I need you

F                                  G

You are worthy of my praise


Verse 2

You are everywhere

And you're from beginning to end

And you pour your love out everyday

You died upon the cross

And you rose victorious

I love you more than words can say

You're seated on a heavenly throne

And yet you call my heart your home




Middle 8

       F                                     Dm

You made all I can see and yet you walk with me

               Am    G             F

And you care about the little things

Dm                          F                    G

Who am I to be so open and so free?




God With Us


This is the second of the songs written from the notes at our songwriting small group.  It seemed quite fitting to have 'Emmanuel' as the focal point of the chorus as we were in the process of our church changing it's name to Emmanuel. The song originally had a bit of an Ed Sheeran feel to the riff, but I wanted to experiment with something a little different when I recorded it, hence the electric guitar sound instead of my usual acoustic style.


Repeated riff:








or C G Dm F


Verse 1:

Light of the world, You have melted my heart

My loving God

Father of mercy, gave me a new start

Almighty God

Lion of Judah, You’ve broken the chains

My Saviour God

Son of man, bearing my sin and shame

My Father God



             Dm              Am7

You are wonderful, counsellor

F                           G

Mighty God, everlasting Father

Dm                            Am7          F

Prince of Peace, Emmanuel

G              C G Dm F

God with us


Verse 2:

Father who sees all the secret things

My gracious God

God who is able to make my heart sing

My joyful God

First and the last, I can trust in Your ways

Everlasting God

Shepherd who leads me all of my days

My caring God




Middle 8:

     Dm     C                  F             G

Oh living water, wash over my soul  x3






I was probably at my most vulnerable when I wrote this song and it's not hard to see that! My autistic son had just started secondary school and he found it really hard to cope with the social demands of such a big place which was so different to his primary school. His anxiety hit the roof and I had to withdraw from my studies to be at home, caring for him and supporting him in overcoming his fears. As I write this, we're a year down the line and he is still at home 24/7. Initially I panicked and went through a really intense period of throwing myself at the mercy of Jesus every day, begging Him to relieve the situation and help us to find a solution. During that time I made (and continue to make) a lot of mistakes, but I know that my lovely Jesus carries me and will continue to carry me until the storm has passed.


Verse 1:

G            D

I’m not alone

 C                         G

I feel your arms around me

          Bb                    C                   G

Carry me, my lovely Jesus, carry me

G                  D

And I’m not strong

        C                                  G

But I feel your strength within me

          Bb                    C                   G

Carry me, my lovely Jesus, carry me




 Em                               C

I know you’ll never let go

                    Em                    C

Though the weather rages on

                      Em            C

You’ll abide with me

                                      G C G C

Oh Jesus, carry me


Verse 2:

I lift my eyes

Your light shines through the darkness

Lifting me, my lovely Jesus, lifting me

And still it shines

Cuts through to still my heart

Lifting me, my lovely Jesus, lifting me




Middle 8:

Am               G

I will rest in you


I will rest in you


You will carry me




Heavy Cross


I know that Jesus dying on the cross is a fundamental part of our belief as Christians and it's one of the first things we learn about. But has it ever really hit you? Each summer I take my two boys to a church based camp just for boys for one week. Because my youngest needs the reassurance of my presence, I stay on site in a caravan and help out in the kitchen at mealtimes. One morning I was listening to the talk a young man was giving in the meeting and he was making a point about how everything God offers is free and all you need to do is accept it. As I walked back up to my caravan I was pondering how when something is free, someone else has absorbed the cost. It hit me like a bolt of lightning and I was temporarily floored by the magnitude of the cost that God paid to secure my freedom. Once inside, these lines flowed out - mainly two at a time. Initially I was going to leave it as a poem but then the chord sequence came together. It took several takes to record the vocals because every time I got to the line 'free gift, great cost' it made me cry!


Capo 3


Repeated chords: Am7 / Em7 / Dm7 / E7


Verse 1:

Dirty road, tired feet, heavy cross, back bleeds

Aching head, thorny crown, heavy cross, slows down

Weary legs, loving eyes, walks slow, pained cries

Up the hill, help comes, cross carried by someone


Verse 2:

Heavy cross hammered in, whipping marks on the skin

On the hill, cross stands, Jesus there, nailed hands

Nailed feet, pierced side, too late, can’t hide

No more life to live, loud cry, ‘Father, forgive’


Verse 3:

On the cross, body done, Jesus there, God’s son

Road to hell, journey long, three days he is gone

Father mourns His only son – Jesus Christ, holy one

Jesus takes sin and shame, it’s never to be seen again


Verse 4:

Mary comes, open grave, empty tomb, angel says

‘Not here! He is risen!’ To all men, life given

Free gift, great cost – all paid, nothing lost

Ultimate sacrifice, Jesus died so we have life




My Life is in You


I actually wrote this song when attending a 'creative prayer' small group at my good friend Sanna's house a couple of years ago. At the time, I was a little unsure of what direction I should be going in because I was contemplating leaving work to go back to university. I knew then that my God has plans for me and that he would lead me in the right direction. Little did I know that the direction I would go in was completely not on my radar at all! So when I did find myself in a situation of complete uncertainty after my son stopped going to school, I sang this song as a declaration that all I need to do is look to God and all things will work together for good. It's interesting that God would use a song I wrote in a mildly perplexing work situation to really spur me on and remind me of His truths when I truly hit a crisis point.  


Verse 1:

G                             Am7                     G6                 C

Step by step, You lead me on, Your mercy never fails

G                    Am7                    G6                                 C

Day by day I look to You and what You’re planning for me

G                   Am7             G6                      C

Open up my eyes to see and my ears to hear

G                          Am7                       G6                             C        D

I want to walk in all Your ways and hear Your voice so clearly




I might not know where I’m going


But I know who I am

                    Em                 C

My life is in You, Lord, in You


And wherever You take me


You hold me in Your hand

                    Em                 C

My life is in You, Lord, in You


Verse 2:

Only You are worthy of my worship and my praise

Saturate my heart and mind and help me to breathe Jesus

Let Your light shine brightly, so bright for all to see

I want to see You lifted high, my Saviour and my King




Middle 8:

Em                      C         G

Help me to wait patiently (x3)

Em                   C

Help me to be still

       Em                           Am

And know that You are God

 Em                           C

I know that You are God






Guard my Heart


This is another song inspired by something someone said, with a bit of Psalms included.  The leader of 'boys camp' was giving a talk to the young leaders and helpers, encouraging them to go deeper with God - and why. He used an illustration of our lives being like an iceberg, with our outward lives above the surface and our relationship with God below the surface. He explained that the deeper we go with God, the more sturdy our lives will be when storms hit. He referred to Psalm 51 which is the lament of King David when he knows he has sinned by stealing Bathsheba from her husband. In this Psalm, David asks God for forgiveness and a clean heart. The speaker explained that this Psalm can be a good place to start if we don't know what to say to God and that the Holy Spirit is also there to help us go deeper with God.


Verse 1:

Bm                                            A

The storms of life grow ever stronger

E                                           G

But Your strength it never fails

Bm                              A                                      E    G

Help me Jesus to be diving ever deeper into You

Bm                                       A

There’s so much that lies before me

E                                         G

I couldn’t do this without You

Bm                               A                                     E    G

Help me Jesus to be diving ever deeper into You



Bm                         D

Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy

A                                 G

Lord have mercy on me




Guard my heart

                   A                       E

Help me to fix my eyes on You


For you are faithful to me


Guard my heart

       A                       E

Purify me from my sins


According to Your love


Verse 2:

Restore the joy of Your salvation

Make me willing to obey

Help me Jesus to be diving ever deeper into You

Create in me a clean heart, Lord

Renew Your spirit within me

Help me Jesus to be diving ever deeper into You


Middle 8:

Bm                  A

I know I can’t do this on my own

E                     G

I know I need You





Never Walk Alone


This song is a culmination of the declarations I have been making on a daily basis to remind myself of God's goodness in my life, even though it sometimes doesn't feel like anything good is happening. It started with the line ' I will never walk alone'  and I built the song up with the chorus as my starting point. I wanted to make an animated video to accompany this song but I did the many many slides for just half a chorus and my hands were tired enough! In my head, I pictured a woman (me) walking along a beach with another set of footprints beside me, just like the image conjured by the poem 'footprints'. This is why I decided to use this song as the title track for the album and the image in my mind as the cover, because it is this declaration I wish to keep making: that I will never walk alone because God will always be beside me.


Em  C  G


Verse 1:

         Em C G                       Em C G

I was lost,       you came to me

                Em                      C          G                               Em C G

I’ve been walking down a broken road, you walk with me

             Em C G                 Em C G

I lift my eyes,     I see you there

                Em      C         G                               Em C G

You have never left my side, you’re always there

                         Am                             Bm

And there’s no way that you would die for me

        Am                        G

Then leave me on my own

  Am                         Bm

I know that you are good to me

            Am                D

You’re lifting up my soul



                              G D

I will never walk alone

                    Em                                  C

You walk beside me to hold and to guide me

                              G D

I will never walk alone

           Em                C

You’re here, you’re here


Verse 2:

In the sun and in the rain

Through the dark and stormy waters, you feel the pain

You walked it first, walked it for me

You’ve already won the battle, I am free

And there’s no way you would abandon me

A child of God, I am

You spoke your promise over me

I’m covered by the lamb